Being able to record your music yourself is an invaluable skill to have in today's music world. 

Many bands record demos and even entire albums in their home studios. Whether you want to record guitar for fun or make an EP with a full band, you will be surprised to know how affordable setting up a good recording rig at home is.

Listen to this excerpt, everything was recorded in my home studio:

I will guide you through all the steps necessary to set up your own recording rig or improve the one you have. 

Here some of the basic concepts:

  • Guide to getting an audio interface

  • Monitors

  • How to use Pro Tools, Garage Band, Cubase

  • Microphones: use and placement

  • Recording your guitar straight into your computer or through a mic'd amp

  • Arranging your music

  • MIDI programming for synthesizers and drums 

  • Mixing your music

  • Using plug-ins (compressor, delay, eq and many more)

  • Minimizing echoes and reflections in your studio or bedroom 

  • Recording your rehearsals