Playing the guitar is a very rewarding activity that enriches the heart and the mind. After deciding to start this journey, one can be overwhelmed with many questions. Let me answer the most common.

What guitar should I buy? 

It really depends on every person's needs. If you are starting out without knowing which direction you will want to take in the future, I usually suggest an acoustic guitar. There are certain models I like more than others, but it all depends on your budget. You don't have to break the bank to get started, you can get a great sounding guitar for less than $200. If you already know the area you will want to focus on, like classical, jazz, or rock, you'll want to start with either a classical or an electric guitar. Or, you can try on of my guitars during the first lesson and see which one you like better. We'll go through these choices on our first phone or email exchange. 

Do I have to bring my guitar for the classes?

I always suggest yes to this one. You want to "live" your instrument and learn to take care of it. One way to do this is to bring it with you to the lessons. This way I can also monitor the tuning and check the strings for degradation or any other problems you may be having with it. But if you can't bring it with you, you can of course use one of mine. 

What are we going to learn and study? 

I believe the first approach with music has to be very practical, no theory for the first three weeks, only hands-on playing. You need to get your hands on the guitar before engaging your mind. I will introduce musical theory little by little, but always after we let your hands and ears work. In a few weeks I promise you will be able to strum chords and play your favorite melodies. 

Can I play my favorite music? 

Absolutely. We will incorporate your favorite music into our training. 

How much time per week should I practice?

Practice makes perfect. Half hour of practice three or four times a week is more than enough. As you progress, don't be surprised to find yourself practicing more just for fun!