Think about Pat Martino, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Jim Hall... Whether your goal is to perform jazz professionally or to pursue it as a hobby, my teaching strategies can help you succeed.

Even the best jazz book will not be able to give you the same results as taking lessons with a dedicated and experienced teacher.

Here some concepts we will work on:

  • Improvisation techniques

  • Breaking bad practicing habits

  • Scales and modes

  • Chords and alterations

  • Chord melody 

  • Playing in a jazz combo

  • Arranging a standard

  • Getting a good sound on your instrument

  • Ear training

  • Reharmonizing a tune

  • Practicing with a metronome 

  • Practicing swing

  • Auto evaluating your playing

  • Playing along with records

  • Transcribing solos 

  • Learning jazz standards

  • Blues, rhythm changes and other typical jazz progressions

  • Playing "outside"

  • Odd time signatures 



How to play modern bebop, with in-depth study of traditional and more modern phrasing:

How to creatively reharmonize a standard through chord melody techniques, chord substitutions, and pure taste:

How to come up with a guitar intro and harmonize a melody for a ballad:

Chord Melody Improvisation:

Below, an "out" way of playing a 12 bar form blues.