Matteo has been the single best influence on my musical development to date. Beyond simply supporting the development of my technical ability, Matteo brings a tremendous amount of knowledge around phrasing and applied music theory.

The result? For the first time, I'm actually incorporating dynamic intervals, complex arpeggios, and modal theory into my soloing. Does my band understand what I'm doing? No. Have they commented on how much I've improved? Absolutely - and that's what matters! 

Beyond his capacity as teacher, Matteo is also just a ridiculously awesome guy to have around. Hire him now you've already waited too long!

- Joshua Neckes, 30, Brooklyn


 I am SUPER picky about guitar teachers and always try out a few before choosing. Matteo is a great teacher and listener. You can tell from the beginning that he has vast knowledge when it comes to the guitar and music in general. He really caters to your needs and doesn't have a one-way agenda that he tries to force each student to adhere to. Not only is he a great teacher, but he is very personable and quickly feels like a friend, which is very important to me. I find that when you trust a teacher and enjoy their company, you also trust and appreciate what they are teaching you and therefor learn better.

- Natasha J., 23, Brooklyn


Matteo Liberatore is an excellent music and guitar teacher. 

I was looking to bolster years of playing flamenco guitar with musical theory, which I knew nothing of, as a bridge to playing jazz. After playing two pieces for him, Matteo was able to pinpoint my strengths, weaknesses and level of play. The curriculum he developed for me was spot on and I noticed marked improvement right out of the gate.

Matteo's talent and training make him a great musician; he is also articulate, patient and dedicated, which makes him a great instructor. His love and passion for music is palpable and infectious. He is approachable, trustworthy, and genuinely interested in the musical development of his students. 

I highly recommend Matteo Liberatore to any serious student, regardless of skill level or style. His classes are a great investment in one's musical education and; therefore, a real bargain.

-Carmen Roman, 31, Miami


Matteo is an incredibly talented musician but also a very insightful teacher.  Those things don't necessarily go hand in hand.  I've been taking lessons with him for several weeks, working on both the acoustic guitar and the classical guitar since I have a little experience in both. I already understand each instrument better and am able to play things that always seemed impossible to me.  With Matteo, it's not just technique.  As I've improved with certain skills, he brings my attention back to the musicality of the song, which is something that a lot of teachers rarely do.  

I was pretty impressed by the way he intuited my skill level right away.  He's great that way; his talent is such that he can come up with exercises for us to on the spot and it feels like a very fun jam session. He obviously loves what he does.   I also have a little stage fright/nervousness when it comes to playing in front of other people.  Matteo is sympathetic to that and helps me get out of my head when playing.  I can't say enough good things. I'm amazed with what I can do now that I couldn't do just a few weeks ago and I highly recommend him.  It's an amazing thing that I could find such a great teacher right away.

- Lindsey Austen - 32, Queens


I really enjoyed my lessons with Matteo. He's very easy going and encouraging during lessons, but obviously put a lot of thought into the songs he would teach me - each new song has a new technique or element to understand, that helped me to build my skill set and play many more songs. He was quick to recognize what I liked and disliked, and picked music that I would enjoy practicing. Definitely recommended for anyone learning guitar!"

- Pia Treichel, 34, Melbourne 


I'm in my late 20's and have been playing music professionally for about a decade. I'm primarily a songwriter, and wanted to put in some time developing my skills as a rhythm guitarist. Over the years, I haven't had that many positive experiences with music lessons, and yet I was determined to find something different. I feel I nailed it when I found Matteo through a friend. Matteo is clearly possessed with an innate ability to connect to any student and be a positive guide through the learning process. Plus he's super experienced, so he's very flexible and able to customize lessons for you. He picked up on my needs really quickly, and designed an incredible course of action that we've been pursuing these past couple of months. After just a few weeks I feel my playing has gotten light years better. Lessons are engaging and highly productive, and perhaps most importantly, Matteo provides the inspiration and drive I need to practice on my own, and get better at my instrument. Two thumbs way up for Matteo.

- Ryan Dieringer, 25, Brooklyn


Matteo has been fantastic. Already my playing has improved considerably. He has tailored the lessons specifically to my interests. Matteo is great, I really like working with him, and I enjoy that he seems to have a new hairstyle every time I see him.

- Chris Helies, 30, Manhattan


I've been taking lessons from Matteo for a few months as a beginner.  Matteo is friendly, patient, and extremely knowledgable--definitely knows a lot about music theory.  You can tell he definitely has passion for what he does; he's not just another guitar teacher bored with teaching.  I would definitely recommend him.

- Geraldine Salamat, 24, Queens