Do you want to shred like Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, play your favorite blues songs, and/or learn how to arrange and write the next radio hit? 

By studying the work of guitar masters and influential bands, you'll get a clear idea of what modern music is about. 

If you want to focus on solo or rhythm guitar, we'll work on concepts like:

  • Phrasing

  • Learning and memorizing licks from the masters

  • Playing with metronome

  • Analysis of major, minor, blues scales

  • Learning chord progressions 

  • Comparing soloing styles of different players (for example, Slash vs Kirk Hammet, Hendrix vs Steve Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai vs Buckethead, BB King vs Clapton)

If you want to work on pop, songwriting, arrangement, these are some of the things we will focus on:

  • Learning songs

  • Comparing styles of famous songwriters

  • Analyzing song structures

  • Getting familiar with typical pop chord progressions

  • Arranging songs and noticing how the vibe changes when the instruments change

  • Playing song melodies on the guitar